PCMCIA Modems for laptop an notebook

PCMCIA devices (PC Cards) are credit-card-sized peripherals most prominently used in laptop computers. The PCMCIA adapter must take the place of a COM port on a standard bus.

The card is plugged into a 68-pin host socket which is connected either to the motherboard or an expansion bus.
pcmcia modem for notebook computers.

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Modem's shopping catalog.

Modem and LAN adapter manufacturers.

  • ActionTec Corp.
    Data/Fax Modem, Ethernet, Ethernet+Data/Fax Modem, SCSI, SRAM, Flash RAM.

  • ADAC
    Data Acquisition adapters

  • Accurite Technologies, Inc.
    External Floppy Disk

  • ActionTec Electronics
    Data/Fax Modem, Ethernet, Ethernet+Data/Fax Modem, SCSI, SRAM, Flash.RAM.

  • Adaptec, Inc.
    SCSI, and SCSI adapters

  • Advanced Relay Corporation
    Serial Port

  • B & B Electronics
    Serial Port

  • Communication, Automation & Control
    Digital Signal Processing

  • Compaq Computer Corporation (Now is HP)
    Data/Fax/Voice Modem, Data/Fax Modem, Ethernet, Token Ring

  • ConnectWare
    Flash RAM, Data/Fax/Voice Modem, Ethernet, Sound, ISDN+Data/Fax Modem

  • Creative Labs
    Data/Fax Modem, External CD-ROM

  • Danpex Corp

  • Data Translation
    Data Acquisition

  • D-Link Systems
    Ethernet, Token Ring

  • Eicon Technology
    Ethernet, ISDN

  • Envoy Data Corp
    ATA FLASH, SRAM, Linear FLASH Memory cards, Internal and External PC card drives, Modem and Ethernet

  • Epson
    Flash RAM, SRAM, Hard Disk, Ethernet, Data/Fax Modem

  • EXP Computer, Inc.
    Sound, External CD-ROM, External CD-ROM+Sound, Data/Fax Modem, Ethernet+Data/Fax Modem, SRAM, DRAM, Flash RAM

  • EZShow Systems Inc.
    TV/Video Output

  • FarPoint Communications
    Parallel Port, IEEE 1284 Toolkits

  • Hayes Microcomputer Products, Inc.
    Data/Fax Modem

  • Intelligent Instrumentation
    Data Acquisition

  • I/OMagic Corporation
    External CD-ROM, Data/Fax Modem, Zoomed Video + MPEG

  • iomega

  • Kingston Technology Corporation
    Hard Disk, Ethernet, Token Ring

  • Linksys
    Ethernet, Ethernet+Data/Fax Modem

  • Madge Networks
    Token Ring

  • MagicRAM
    Sound, SCSI, Ethernet, Data/Fax Modem, Flash RAM, SRAM, DRAM, Hard Disk

  • Margi Multimedia-to-Go
    DVD, MPEG, and video capture

  • Motorola
    Data/Fax Modem, Ethernet+Data/Fax Modem, Network Authentication Modem, Wireless Messaging

  • MultiTech
    Data/Fax Modem

  • National Instruments
    Data Acquisition, GPIB Interface

  • National Semiconductor
    Wireless networkink

  • Ositech Communications
    Ethernet+Data/Fax Modem, Sound+Data/Fax Modem, Sound+Ethernet and Wireless

  • Panasonic
    External CD-ROM

  • Pretec Electronics Corp.
    Flash RAM, SRAM, DRAM, Hard Disk, Data/Fax Modem, Data/Fax/Voice Modem, Ethernet+Data/Fax Modem, Ethernet, External CD-ROM, SCSI

  • Proxim
    Wireless LAN

  • Quadrant International, Inc.
    Full Motion Video Capture

  • QuickShot
    Game Port

  • Simple Technology Inc.
    Data/Fax/Voice Modem, Data/Fax Modem, Hard Disk, Flash RAM, SRAM, Ethernet, SCSI

  • Silicom Connectivity Solutions
    Ethernet, Token Ring, Ethernet+Serial Port, Ethernet+Flash RAM, Ethernet+Data/Fax Modem, Token Ring+Data/Fax Modem, Data/Fax Modem, Serial Port

  • Socket Communications, Inc.
    Wireless Messaging+Paging, GPS, Ethernet, Serial Port

  • Standard Microsystems Corporation (SMC)
    Ethernet, Ethernet+Data/Fax Modem

  • SynchroTech
    SRAM, Flash RAM, Data/Fax Modem, Ethernet+Data/Fax Modem, Ethernet, SCSI

  • TDK Systems
    Data/Fax Modem, Ethernet

  • Toshiba
    Data/Fax Modem, Ethernet, Wireless LAN, Token Ring, 3270 Emulation, Sound, Sound+SCSI, Zoomed Video+MPEG, Full Motion Video Capture

  • Trimble Navigation

  • Turtle Beach Systems

  • Viking Components
    Data/Fax Modem

  • Visiontek
    Data/Fax Modem, Ethernet, SCSI, Sound, Hard Disk

  • Xircom from Intel.
    Ethernet, Token Ring, Ethernet+Data/Fax Modem, Wireless LAN

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