New items on the market (May 2002).
Unity for the Cellular Landscape
Nokia's 6340 is the world's first phone to enable roaming between GSM, TDMA and analog networks. The device also includes an m-commerce wallet so users can store credit and debit card information in standard Electronic Commerce Markup Language (ECML) format in an encrypted area of the phone's memory. The phone's maximum talk time varies from 4 hours (TDMA) to 5 hours (GSM).

6340 • Nokia • • $125 to $175

Fingers Do the Walking
neohand's Pocket Codes 1.0 keeps Pocket PC users in touch with the world. Operating on either PPC 2000 or 2002 devices, the program, which requires 200KB, puts area code, country code and international Internet domain extensions at the tip of the finger.

Pocket Codes 1.0 • neohand inc. • www., • $8

Two Cards for the Road

Sierra's latest wireless modem, the AirCard 750 (near left), operates globally on GSM/GPRS high-speed always-on networks to keep notebooks and PDAs with Type II PC Card slots connected to data. Additionally, the AirCard 555 operates on Verizon's 1xRTT CDMA high-speed Express Network.

AirCard 750, AirCard 555 • Sierra Wireless • • $429 (AirCard 750), $299 (AirCard 555)

Seeing Double
Panasonic's innovative PV-VM202 Multicam combines a digital camcorder with a detachable, megapixel digital camera. The 17.3-ounce PV-VM202 offers high-resolution digital video, crisp digital still images, a USB port, MPEG-4 video recording for Internet use, a Secure Digital memory card slot and a built-in SD drive. The device features Leica's Dicomar lens and 10X high-definition optical zoom capability.

PV-VM202 Multicam • Panasonic • • $2,200

Linux in Hand
Royal Consumer Information Products debuts its Royal Lin@x, the first Linux-powered PDA. The handheld features an Intel 206MHz StrongARM processor, color graphics, 16MB of flash ROM and 32MB of RAM, an Internet browser and built-in Type II CompactFlash expandability.

Royal Lin@x • Royal Consumer Information Products • • $300

Slim and Stylin'
Sony Electronics introduces its R505DS (right) and R505DL models in the SuperSlim Pro line of VAIO R505 notebooks. The R505DS integrates 802.11b wireless capabilities with a Mobile Pentium III 1.13GHz processor, 256MB of SDRAM and a 40GB hard drive; the R505DL features the same processor running at 1GHz and a 30GB drive. The docking station provides a floppy disk drive and a CD-RW/DVD combo drive, two USB ports, a serial port, a printer port, a 10Base-T/ 100Base-TX integrated Ethernet port and VGA-out for easy, direct hookup to projectors or monitors.

VAIO R505DS and R505DL models • Sony Electronics • • $2,300 (R505DS), $1,700 (R505DL)

All Thumbs
Seiko Instruments Austin adds to its minikeyboard solution, the Thumboard, for the Sony CLIÉ and Palm m100 and m105 handhelds. This keyboard slips directly onto a handheld, covering the Graffiti input area, and interfaces with the serial port to augment keyboard functionality with the inclusion of Palm OS Hot keys (like Calendar and To Do) and text-editing capabilities via the Command function key.

Thumboard • Seiko Instruments Austin • • $40

Pocket Picture-Taking
Minolta Corp. introduces the cool-looking DiMAGE X, which is only about three-fourths of an inch thick. Minolta's unique design puts the 3X optical zoom inside the flat camera body so the lens doesn't extend externally, thereby creating the thinnest 3X optical zoom digicam with built-in flash. The optical zoom lens is equivalent to a 37- to 111mm lens on a 35mm camera. With a gorgeous stainless-steel- and-aluminum finish, the DiMAGE X features a CCD with 2 million pixels and a superthin rechargeable lithium-ion battery. An 8MB Secure Digital memory card is included.

DiMAGE X • Minolta Corp. • • $399

Speed Burning
Yamaha's CRW-70 Spyder Slimline CD-RW is the first of its league to record at 12X speed and transfer with near-FireWire speeds using the USB 2.0 interface. The slim-profile CRW-70 also rewrites a CD-RW disc at 8X, reads CDs at up to 24X and rips audio CDs at up to 24X. Additionally, built-in hardware decoding for MP3 playback means that hundreds of hours of music can be played from one CD.

CRW-70 Spyder Slimline CD-RW • Yamaha Electronics Corp., Multimedia Products Division • • $300

Three-Step Program
Extended Systems announces XTNDConnect Mobile Objects, a mobile application development kit that provides the tools to customize and extend existing desktop applications to mobile devices. Within three steps, developers can turn traditional apps into real-time programs to push LAN-based applications to the traveler and offer live database access, Web services, e-mail and faxing services. Integrated with AppForge and CodeWarrior development tools, Mobile Objects is optimized for wireless networks.

XTNDConnect Mobile Objects • Extended Systems • www.extended systems. com/go/buy • $395 (kit), $595 (server)

3G-Ready E-mail Access
Sprint PCS' Business Connection Personal Edition software makes it possible to get corporate e-mail on Sprint phones or handhelds via an easy-to-install file loaded on the device; notebooks can also be used to gain access via Sprint's Web site. The 3G-ready secure solution offers real-time access to personal and corporate data behind the firewall, including Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes e-mail.

Sprint PCS Business Connection Personal Edition • Sprint PCS • • $3 per month

Work the Data
FileMaker debuts FileMaker Mobile 2 Companion for Palm OS, a free upgrade to users of version 1. The software, which must be used with FileMaker Pro 5.5 v.2 on a notebook, enables transfer and synchronization of data between PCs and Palm OS handhelds and supports Macintosh and Windows operating systems. With FileMaker Mobile 2, it's possible to transfer up to 50 fields from the PC database to the handheld.

FileMaker Mobile 2 Companion for Palm OS • FileMaker • • $49

See It, Wear It Computing
Xybernaut announces its first consumer wearable computer, the $1,499 poma, which includes a Win CE–based computer and a lightweight head-mounted display that offers a PC-quality viewing experience. The 10.9-ounce poma incorporates Hitachi's 32-bit 128MHz RISC processor, a Compact Flash slot, a USB port, 32MB of RAM, 32MB of ROM and a removable rechargeable battery. With support for instant on/off Internet, the device targets users in the entertainment, e-commerce and field-force-automation markets.

poma • Xybernaut Corp. • • $1,499

Light, Bright and Low Cost
ViewSonic Corp unveiled its $1,895 PJ500 projector, which at 5 pounds offers ease of use and excellent image quality in a mobile form. The PJ500 operates at a whisper-quiet 33db and supports HDTV signals as well as other video and data sources. With 1,200 lumens, digital keystone correction and zoom functions, the PJ500 easily adapts from home to business environments.

PJ500 • ViewSonic • • $1,895

GPS for the Palm
The Magellan GPS Companion for the Palm m500 PDA series keeps handheld users on track and within budget. Thales Navigation offers the only GPS receiver attachment and navigation-software package that can calculate and download a route to a Palm device and give turn-by-turn GPS guidance on a moving map. This receiver, which attaches to the back of the Palm, costs less than vehicle navigation systems and communicates via the PDA's serial port so its expansion slot remains open for map downloads.

Magellan GPS Companion for the Palm m500 • Thales Navigation • www.thalesnavigation. com • $199 (includes Rand McNally StreetFinder Deluxe and Magellan's NAV Companion)

Zip It Up
WinZip Computing announces an upgrade to its popular compression program, WinZip 8.1, which registered users of previous versions can download for free. Enhanced integration with the Windows OS, new context menu entries for extraction directly to a designated folder and the ability to split Zip files into pieces for easy storage are a few of the updated features.

WinZip 8.1 • WinZip Computing Inc. • • $29

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